Shalom! Thank you for visiting The Berean Approach website. This section of the website is dedicated especially for you, a person of Jewish descent, who is perhaps curious or even suspicious of Christianity.  One can certainly understand the suspicion Jews may have towards professing Christians, especially those who are familiar with Jewish history.  Let's face it, many atrocities were committed against the Jewish people under the banner of Christianity by those who professed to be Christian - although in actuality they were not! This is one of several legitimate issues Jews may have towards Christianity, and an issue that we will attempt to address througout this website. 

Another issue that will be examined in this section is the identity of Jesus.  Modern Jewish rabbis and scholars tend to compare the life of Jesus to modern Judaism. Because of vast additions to Judaism since the close of the Tanakh (the Hebrew Holy Scriptures), Jesus will never fit the messiahship of modern Judaism. The question should never be "Is Jesus the Messiah in accordance with Judaism today?" The real issue is, "Is Jesus the Messiah in accordance with the Tanakh?"  That is the true test.  The messiahship of Jesus must stand or fall on no other criteria than His fulfillment of the messianic prophecies of the Tanakh.

This section of the website presents the Messiah exclusively from the Tanakh, as we take The Berean Approach to answer the question; "Is Jesus the Messiah in accordance with the Tanakh?"

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